Yak, yak, yak, yak…

27 07 2007

Cor Blimey, the Times of India has got a bit saucey. Jesus. Wanted to enjoy this, but couldn’t get the sound of Sid James out of my head.

On the couch? It’s all about touch? Longer the better? Massage? Neck kissing?

It’s enough to set temperatures phwoaring… literally.

But any foreplay list that fails to include 6. Straight in, no kissing. 7. Brace yourself, luv! and 8. Biddy now isn’t worth reading. So no thanks Times of India. I’d rather take tips from the ‘investigator‘ that had to do this to this.




2 responses

28 07 2007
Brian Crowe

Bob – it’s a sorta obvious question, but … how the hell did you come across (Sid James giggle) this particular article in the (of all things) Times of India?

28 07 2007

Erm… I get all my news from the Times of India? Obviously, I definitely didn’t do a search for rude words in google. Ahem.

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