Betrayal Five!

13 08 2007

John Redwood’s back and he wants to opt out of the Social Chapter.

No words of mine will adequately convey my upset. So I’m using the medium of Scrubs (Season Five).

I once thought highly of Cameron. High Five, Dave? Betrayal Five, Bob!




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13 08 2007
Brian Crowe

Sheer, utter stupidity. The Social Chapter is now a settled part of British life. Overturning it is anything but a conservative act.

In his 2006 conference speech, Cameron said of the minimum wage, “we’ll keep it and, when we can, we’ll increase it”. He recognised that in an age of globalisation, people want strong social protection.

So, why on earth back-track? To please the hard Right, obviously.

I’ve been a believer in the Cameron Project. It’s a pity Dave isn’t.

13 08 2007

Yes, it’s all so frustrating. I thought the whole purpose of these reviews was to float content of a future manifesto, win early media praise, unsettle Labour and warm up voters of all colours to the idea of One Nation Toryism.

Nope. The bloody Vulcan rocks up and spoils it all. Fact is, not even the Daily Mail bought the idea that this £14bn ‘assault’ on red tape was a tax cut. Stephen Glover just waived it off as vaguely aspirational but hardly earth-shattering.

Redwood wants to push this idea of a tax cut by any other name. But no one’s buying it. This silly Social Chapter wheeze from the Vulcan has merely succeeded in reopening the damaging tax cut debate and has recast the Tories as the Nasty Party.

Besides, Cameron is already committed to countering Redwood’s red tape cuts by increasing red tape through green initiatives.

This mean-spirited proposal will not benefit the disadvantaged. The social justice theme which had been doing well is wrecked.

All for what? No gain. Cameron will crumble under media pressure to reject the Vulcan’s nasty conclusions. And in so doing, he’ll lose the Thatcherites as well. A total screw up.

The Tories have stupidly reverted to type in the wake of recent polls and unnecessarily put more pressure on themselves. Where’s Cameron getting his advice from?

I think your final comment is precise. Dave lacks confidence/belief in the whole project. Maybe it really was all a bunch of PR crap.

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