Alexis Papagos… a life in pictures

15 08 2007

As noted in a previous blog, we fear that the CIA impostor at the head of Cuba’s revolutionary government may have jogged his last.

In addition to offering a charming china bowl (£19.99rrp) to all our readers, staff at Bobballs have lovingly compiled a visual commemorative piece with ever-before-seen material from our archives. In anticipation of the human outpouring of grief at the loss of the People’s Impostor, counsellors are available through the Impostor helpline.

The People’s Imposter… a retrospective

Attention to detail saw him fool the world for decades…

Fidel Castro

Alexis Papagos

But in the early days – an era of less sophisticated plastic surgery techniques – only his acting ability and clever application of makeup spared him from the gulags.

However, assassins lurked behind every corner…

Nevertheless, a rock of the intelligence community, Alexis denied speculation over the sensational switch with Castro to the very end.

Alexis Papagos
President of Cuba
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba
CIA Imposter
(19?? to 2007)



3 responses

16 08 2007
Brian Crowe

So it is true … people in PR really do have way too much time on their hands.

17 08 2007
City Reporter

Bob, most disappointed, no marking of the anniversary of the death of Elvis. Was looking forward to reading your acerbic musings on he with the ascerbic wit we bob fans so enjoy.

28 08 2007

Outrageous Brian! We PR people maximise the time we have to best effect. You on the other hand work in the public sector.

Ah, City Reporter. Editorial decision i’m afraid. Staff at Bobballs decided that the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s death was a non-story. So imagine our surprise/outrage when the Biography Channel (where Bobballs gets all its news) was back-to-back Elvis and not a dicky-bird on the life and work of Alexis Papagos.

We felt that we needed to do our bit to raise the profile of the CIA’s greatest, Greek-ist intelligence asset.

An important journalistic exercise i think you’ll agree.

Interest in Elvis? Interviewing the rapper Mark Morrison? Does a high-profile job (and drug habit) with NME now beckon?

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