The Big Question…

20 08 2007

Q: What if Tara Palmer Tomkinson possessed the power of invisibility?

A: Why, she would hump someone fabulous of course!

Clearly, carrying out a premeditated sex attack on a random though no less fabulous victim is the answer to The Big Question.

However… TPT isn’t the only public figure who believes in the power of invisibility – and who has their eye on propositioning someone fabulous.

A reconstruction of how that invisible sex attack might look (Are you sure? Ed.)

‘Fiddle’™ (BBC) has been invisible for some time now. We can now only speculate as to his likely whereabouts.

In her interview, TPT doesn’t factor in victim payback. He does though. Big time.

[Follow up… as we scooped last week Castro/Papagos is invisible, presumed dead. Only the estimable Perez Hilton and Gay Socialites news teams have followed up. The question has to be asked – why the silence from the world’s media outlets? Who has the power to make this story disappear? And why are you reading Gay Ed.]




2 responses

22 08 2007
Kucinich in 08!

if Fidel is dead, he for sure planned it this way… (way to pay the cia back for all the explodin’ cigar stunts!)

but i do think Fidel still lives and now having successfully overcome the dreaded “when Fidel dies” scenario

and having achieved a stable transition

and with the democratic revolution in Venezuela visibly rising in power and self-confidence by the day, showing that democracy and revolution can march hand in hand

the Cubans are over the biggest hurdle their revolution has faced in decades

and they now have the power of Venezuela and the sentiment of much of Latin America’s people behind them… – entirely appropriate as Cuba’s first world healthcare and education systems have been an inspiration to Latin America for decades.

28 08 2007

Yes, Kucinich in 08!, Fidel is definitely alive and well… these last 13 months since he was last seen in public prior to invasive surgery and after subsequently meekly handing over power behind closed doors in a country he fought for 50 years to make his own.

I like your optimism. Fidel isn’t dead. He’s just very shy.

The last time Cuba had the revolutionary spirit of Latin America behind them Che Guevara got shot.

If leading revolutionary Latin Americans get shot every time Cuba enjoys popular support, then I think Chavez is heading in the right direction for a smacked bottom.

(I hope for the sake of his peaceful repose that Che Guevara doesn’t get shot every time Cuba enjoys popular support.)

Sorry, mate. I see trouble ahead. For example, now that Chavez is attempting to overcome those tedious election cycles, we’re only a few months away from a bunch of generals taking advantage of the changed constitution (way to go Hugo!) and, erm, shooting Chavez. Alot.

But in other news, ‘Castro’ recently backed a Clinton-Obama ticket, saying its unbeatable. Will a digusted US public not now turn to the vision of a true American hero? No, not John McCain. Erm… Dennis Kucinich?

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