Da-dum da-da-da-dadada da-dum da-da-da-dadada

22 08 2007

Russia is guilty of an appalling propaganda error.

It sent one of these towards our Great British airspace. We intercepted it (*sniggers*) with one of these.

The Bear H is the world’s only turbo prop strategic bomber. Like Vladimir Putin, it celebrates its 51st birthday this year. Bless. I think Vladimir’s in better shape though.

When the Bear H came into service the Soviets got Hungary, Eisenhower got relected, Egypt got Suez, and Prince Rainier got Grace Kelly.

The Bear H is capable of, wait for it, a top speed of 575mph.

The Typhoon Eurofighter is four years old. Like most four year olds he creates mayhem. But unlike most four year olds, he creates mayhem at 1,450mph within a maximum service ceiling of 65,000ft.

Before today, I thought the Eurofighter was a bust, and I wasn’t sure any of our crates could actually carry out air defence. (I blogged to this effect a couple of weeks back.) Now I can’t look at it without hearing this.

So all Putin has succeeded in doing is restoring my faith in our brave noble fliers. Christ, a couple more contacts like this and I’d vote for Gordon Brown.

The spirit of Guy Gibson lives on!

So altogether now… Da-dum da-da-da-dadada da-dum da-da-da-dadada




3 responses

22 08 2007
Brian Crowe

So Putin sends over towards us some turbo-prop cold war relic at a couple of thousand feet – hardly a stealthy approach.

We, on the other hand, decide to put an anti-ballistic missile system in Russia’s backyard.

I’ve said it before – when there is an angry, wounded Bear in the neighbourhood – carrying a few nukes – don’t crap in his backyard.

22 08 2007
Brian Crowe

“Danger Zone” – OMG Bob!

At least the Dambuster’s theme has class … despite my memory of it now being shaped by Alex and Pete humming it loudly on the streets of Strasbourg at 3am …

28 08 2007

Gawddammit Brian sound off like you gotta pair!

When the Ruskies send in one of theirs we send up one of our chaps and give ’em six of the best. Do I get a hell-yeah? And if Pete and Alex get tanked up and want to go on an impromtu bombing run on Strasbourg Dambuster’s stylee then they get a hell-yeah an’ all! Do I make myself clear!

And what is offensive about a state-of-the-art multi-launch anti-ballistic missile system? I mean, I ask you. You’re so suspicious. It’s a defensive system – it’s a ‘missile shield’, not a ‘missile sword’. (Because that would be silly, obviously.) But it’s there to make sure no ‘accidents’ occur. To, erm, deter accidents. A kind of deterrent so to speak…

Oh, all right, so liberally siting assorted silos and a Cold War missile deterrent in Russia’s backyard isn’t the brightest thing the Yanks ever did. But come on, what’s the worst that can happen?

BTW – never, ever, ever disrespect Loggins. His greatness is matched only by Bacon. Not Francis Bacon. Kevin Bacon. What they achieved together in Footloose remains to be improved upon.

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