Journalism dos and don’ts. Part II: Total racism

24 08 2007

Journalism do: publish award-winning reporting. Journalism don’t: publish peerless racism.

But congratulations Daily Mail(-ed Fist). The BNP award for racism in journalism (with Clusters, Oak Leaves and Bar) is unquestionably yours.

The Fist surpassed itself today with a front page which stated ‘196,000 out, 574,000 in: Record numbers leaving Britain for new life abroad – as immigration to UK soars‘.

Their source was the Office of National Statistics. But surely the ONS also said: ‘There are large variations in the length of stay of foreign-born immigrants. Just over a third (34 per cent) of foreign-born migrants who came to the UK in the 1990s emigrated within four years of arrival.’

And this: ‘In the year to mid-2006, there were an estimated 574,000 people migrating to the UK for a year or more. This was 25,000 lower than in the previous mid-year period… net international in-migration decreased to 189,000 from 262,000 in the previous year.’

So shouldn’t the headline say: ‘No in-migration records broken as numbers fall by 73,000’.

Erm… but wait! Just in case the wilful racist bollocks in the reporting wasn’t enough, the subs helpfully assisted with a pic to illustrate the sheer scale of the problem.

My goodness… why, isn’t that 15 cold-looking swarthy men loitering in a street in Bosnia? With a bit of luck, they’re Muslims as well!

Their relevance to the piece is? Well, the assertion that they’re quite possibly heading to Britain of course. Ah, never mind that the article was racist bollocks, the pics and captions are clearly contemporaneous reporting… of what? 15 Bosnians stand on a street. Apparently.

Never mind. So who are the ‘196,000 out’? The subs helpfully assisted with a pic to illustrate the sheer scale of the problem.

Yip. Healthy-looking white people. Decent looking chap, a female of considerable fragrance, a bubbly young ankle biter and a delightful young maiden.

And in case the white-people-out/swarthy-people-in visuals weren’t enough, The Fist’s ‘news’ links will sort the white-pillowcase-wearing Aryans from the Bosnian boys:

The failed migrants told it’s their right to stay [Clusters]

A quarter of all UK babies have a foreign parent [Oak Leaves]

Benefits bill for Eastern European migrants hits £125m [& Bar]

PS – the ONS also said: ‘The number of people in employment for the three months ending in June 2007 was 29.07 million. This is up 93,000 over the quarter and up 144,000 over the year.’

Up 93,000? But what about the large numbers of foreign layabouts? Ridiculous!

And what does all this swarthiness mean for NI? About 9,000 immigrants net. All very dangerous…

While Dacre gets around a million pounds a year presiding over this racist crap, I wonder if there are there any Eastern Europeans handing out bulk giveaways at traffic lights to boost circulation figures (& advertising rates)?

Just as the Daily Mail overplays and inflates figures of Eastern Europeans incoming to the UK, Eastern Europeans desperately hang around traffic lights and inflate the circulation of the Belfast Telegraph – can they look to IN&M for support?

I’ll expect a valiant defence in IN&M editorials tomorrow.

Congratulations once again on the peerless racism Daily Mail!




3 responses

24 08 2007

So the Daily Mail is off your circulation list then press?

I certainly wouldn’t be in a position to provide running commentary on what may or may not be shameless attempts to jump on the immigration bandwagon.

I seem to remember someone, somewhere saying ‘let the debate begin’.

27 08 2007
comrade biggles

Sheesh, permanent and prominent manifestations of otherness unveiling themselves each and every day before our very eyes!!

He was right!!

28 08 2007


Shameless stuff, indeed. But despite all the above, the Daily Mail remains on my circulation list.

Stephen Glover is important if you want to understand Tory Scum… or, erm… Her Majesty’s Opposition.

And no other newspaper packs that amount of information into print. Obviously the quality of that ‘information’ varies from day to day. Setting its vicious racism to one side, this is still a thundering, campaigning newspaper that doesn’t take any shit. Today’s story on the 23-year-old Para grievously wounded in Afghanistan is a case in point.

The Daily Mail’s heart is in the right place. But then, the same could be said for Dracula of course.

Jesus Christ Biggles! You’re 100% correct. The Great Lion of Strangford warned us all. And he was mocked. (Universally mocked, as I recall. Ed.) And now that both permanent and prominent manifestations of visible displays are unfolding before our very eyes we all look pretty silly now.

The Assembly is back soon. Comrade, we must look to the Hill for further guidance from the Great Lion.

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