Your ass is grass Karma!

25 08 2007

In sport, everyone has a bogey team. For Man Utd, it’s Southampton. For Ireland rugby, it’s Argentina. For Britain’s Davis Cup Team, it’s whoever happens to be standing on the other side of the net.

In the supernatural world of faith and philosophy, the bogey team resides within real world practicality. For Creationists, it’s dinosaurs. For Communists, it’s capital markets. For Buddhists, apparently, it’s the lawnmower.

This was the moment that an ancient religion of peace was challenged by a lawnmower.

All this confirms to me is that I understand how a lawnmower works. But I have absolutely no idea how karma works.




2 responses

27 08 2007
comrade biggles

so many young green lives lost…


28 08 2007

Ummm… so Karma was objecting to the Rev totally mowing down fellow multi-celled organisms in their ten of millions?

This religion of peace has an uncomplicated way of policing the spiritual equilibrium. Kind of like Orientalism meets Kojak.

Gardening is a national past-time in Blighty. Jeez, looks like Karma’s gonna take out the trash…

Thanks for the heads up Comrade!

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