Up yours Western Medical Opinion!

28 08 2007

This is Winnie Langley. She told the Daily Mail: “I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting.”

Winnie celebrated her 100th birthday by smoking her 170,000th cigarette.

I’m 33. I quit smoking recently. I hate this woman.



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29 08 2007
City Reporter

Nah, she’s nothing, I remember seeing a pic of a woman who was over 100 and celebrating her 104th birthday by simultaneously smoking two cigarettes and looking down lovingly at a birthday cake in the shape of a cig – now she was hardcore!

29 08 2007
Michael Shilliday

you quit? again?

29 08 2007
Comrade D

Shhh… the trick is to get him right after the 3rd pint, just as he’s considering his 4th.

Either pre-rolled or Silk Cut purple would be my recommendation…

29 08 2007
Brian Crowe

Did one of today’s regionals not carry a story about a 100 yr old woman who told us she reached that grand old age because she didn’t smoke, didn’t drink and didn’t wear makeup?

Put both stories together and we could come to the conclusion that gender is the most important factor related to longevity …

29 08 2007
City Reporter

In which case I’ll outlive you all despite having been a smoker!

29 08 2007

Whoa, hang on there!

Staff at Bobballs fear that the steely will of Iron Bob is being brought into question here.

Bob laughs in the face of the mellow, smooth taste of fine rolled Golden Virginia tobacco and the silken smoke strands that gently roll and eddy through hot-charged airs of bar-room bon homie. I have an implacable will of iron and there’s no two cigs about it… what?

you quit? again?

Me Quit? Michael, I’m a quitter. It’s my thing, it’s what I’m all about. (You’re referring to the smoking, right?) I last smoked six months ago. Back on them next week, though, obviously. Looking forward to the excitement of quitting again real soon.

gender is the most important factor related to longevity

Well Brian, that’s the kind of discriminatory opinion i’d expect from you. Don’t come back with statistics… check out the blog headline. Statistics and facts aren’t welcome here. Winnie has smoked since f*@%^%g infant school!

the trick is to get him right after the 3rd pint, just as he’s considering his 4th

Ah, comrade d. How true. Only the smoking ban has saved me from the ‘third pint dilemma’ this time round.

But the shock nicotine hit of the pre-rolled stogie… ah, happy times. Roll ups are the only time one chap can say to another ‘push the tip in, it’s not quite as harsh that way’ and not break numerous social taboos and a commandment or two. Good times, good times…

I’ll outlive you all despite having been a smoker!

Sadly no, City Reporter. Saying nothing more. But no. City Reporter, definitely not. No names. No names.

29 08 2007
Michael Shilliday

You mean you’ll start again, the wife will catch you again……….its a story told a million times…..

29 08 2007

Outrageous!!!?! Hastily wondering whether it’s rude to re-post the comment headline as ‘Up Yours Michael Shilliday’. But for a decision of that magnitude, I’d better consult my wife first. Obviously.

30 08 2007
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30 08 2007

you read your emails anymore?!

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