By Jingo, that’s twice!

6 09 2007

Yip, it’s that time again. But this time the Ruskies really are out to take themselves down a peg or two.

On this occasion the story isn’t in the top three paragraphs. You need to go all the way down to the last par for the real story.

Russia sends over its mighty strategic bomber. Is Norway worried? Erm… niet!

“Our systems are adequate,” Lt-Col Oegland added.

So the Norwegians have a system in place that’s adequately dealing with Johnnie Turbo Prop Bomber? What can it be?

Staff at Bobballs have uncovered previously classified evidence of the air defence system that’s coping so well against the 51-year-old Bear H.

Norwegian air defence systems (left).

Not only is this going on 65,000ft above Britain but it’s even occurring over Norway. All these propaganda banana skins. What initially looked like aggression is in fact a cry for help. Bless.




One response

7 09 2007
Brian Crowe

Well, Bob, I did try and tell you this. A groggy, elderly bear wants to flex is muscles in its part of the wood.

Leave the poor bear alone.

And to think you wanted to start a new cold war over this …

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