It’s Oktoberfest!

1 10 2007

Yip. We’ve all been there.

Staff at Bobballs were wondering how to illustrate the glory of the Oktoberfest. So we invoked the Higher Newspaper Gods for guidance. Ummm, what would the Daily Telegraph do?

Publish fruity girls!!!

The pic staff at Bobballs feels conveys the cultural significance of one of the world’s truly great festivals.

Incidentally, only seven weeks to Belfast’s own mini-Oktoberfest. (Erm… Novemberfest surely? Ed.) See you there!

[Alas, fruity girls above won’t be there. In fact, talent was awful last year. Christ. Mate made a dreadful mistake at the Perry stall. Jesus. Eeeuuucchhh…. never again. Best avoid it really. Fuck off mini-Oktoberfest!]




3 responses

2 10 2007
Rebecca Black

Well as someone who enjoyed a night of far too much strong german beer, pork and cheese of every variety and lederhosen last friday in Berlin, I can report that fruity young frauleins bursting out of their little outfits are out in force in Germany.

However Bob, I am in agreement, the fraulein bliss of Germany, the country that has produced Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer is not likely to be successfully reproduced in Belfast, the city that produced, er, Orlaith McAllister…

2 10 2007

Glad to hear gravity-defying frauleins of considerable fruitiness are on hand for the genuine Oktoberfest. And of course, because they’re German, they must be out ‘in force’. (Do Germans go out in any other fashion?)

Hope you enjoyed the pork. But beware of Tracy Wenn! If you find yourself sharing a table with Ms Wenn at an Oktoberfest at any point in the future, i suggest you run. The Daily Mail tells us that the upset grandmother stabbed her partner in the leg after he ate her chops, yelling: “eat my pork, feel my fork.”


So, heads up.

Yip, we produced Orlaith but on the other hand we hand the infinite good sense to export her as well. Importing Heidi Klum, now that would be something else entirely…

4 10 2007
Brian Crowe

glad to see Bob is back on form … life lost meaning during your absence.

a special thanks from alex and myself for the pic … it has brightened up our day in stormont quite considerably …

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