7 10 2007

After all the recent efficiency drives (Gotcha! Ed.), staff at Bobballs have been putting thought into inviting a motivational speaker to their annual conference at Club Knuckle.

With ‘Leadership’ as this year’s conference theme, staff at Bobballs were considering approaching Rudy Giuliani. After all, the author of Leadership is Republican frontrunner in the race to lead the free world.

But then, we spotted this (and our budget) – and we immediately knew that UUP Deputy Leader Danny Kennedy (left) was our man. (Check this. Ed.) There is nothing this man does not know about leadership.

Speaking to a meeting of NHS managers, Danny invoked his own experience.

“Leadership, in my experience, is as much about behaviour as it is about skills. Skills can be taught. Behaviour is more difficult. It is often intrinsic to the individual and, to this extent, leaders are often born and not made.”

Just so. I wonder – when he said ‘Behaviour is more difficult’, did he mean difficult behaviour?

He went on… “Leadership is also about style. The style that may suit one situation or set of circumstances may be wholly inappropriate in another. What is good one day can be bad on the next.”

Sage advice. Especially from one surrounded by so many leadership figures.

And that’s why Danny is an anarchist…

“We need to be careful about the cult of leadership. Such a raising of the leader to almost venerated status, can cause massive political angst when they have outlived their usefulness and their political time. People eventually become exhausted by the demands of an authoritarian leadership.”

Can he have been thinking of anyone in particular?

Exhausted: Kennedy……….. ……Bastard: Trimble




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