Lord-Mayor-a-leaping… (Tomato-a-convalescing)

8 10 2007




3 responses

8 10 2007
City Reporter

Hehe, but you’ve gotta admit the leap was pretty impressive. Poor Jim.

10 10 2007

Indeed, poor Jim. Set aside those slipped disks and a workless two years for the Tomato, I’m pleased to say that Jim has recovered sufficiently enough to be pictured in yesterday and today’s News Letter. A triumph of the will.

I personally think Jim got good hang-time. Perhaps, as one unaccustomed to approaching a lady from behind, he just totally fluffed it. Either way – Jim Rodgers… hero.

11 10 2007
City Reporter

Stuff and nonsense Bob! All our hero did was to merely brush the side of the aforementioned tomato’s head. There is no way she sustained a slipped disc from that. This is nothing but a fiendish plot by Cunningplan house to discredit our, erm, 820 vote UUP champion!

In any case, the tomato is just looking for a big compensation pay out so she never has to work and indeed suffer the indignity of dressing up as a tomato ever again. Just right too, I am currently investigating how plausible walking into a sharp object might seem. Suppose I could always just dress up as a piece of fruit and find an obliging news editor to leap over my head….

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