United Ireland tomorrow?

13 10 2007

Significant oil reserves have been discovered off the coast of Ireland. In the past, our Celtic cousins and others have looked at independent energy sources as the greenlight for independence.

My god, what could this all mean?

According to Providence Resources Chief Executive Tony O’Reilly Jnr (son of IN&M supremo):

“We are very pleased to have confirmed Hook Head as a significant oil accumulation with hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs over a large area. This drilling programme has been a major step forward for Providence and its partners as it has met or exceeded our pre-drill objectives, in terms of hydrocarbon type, areal extent and indicative productivity.”

The old argument that Ireland wouldn’t want to take on the bloc grant to subsidise the north might be redundant. At $80 a barrel, the bloc grant may no longer be a viable counter-objection. This is serious!!

In order to make NI a deeply unattractive economic prospect it’s now the national duty for Unionists to burden the state. Already plenty of good work is being done in this area. I mean, look at all that economic inactivity… an increase of 4,000 people to 535,000. Good work lads! And our Health Service is so run down that it would take 10 million barrels of oil to sort it all out.

But there it is. Well, I’m sure Bertie will enjoy Austria. Though, I wonder whether IN&M titles will now publish breathless articles praising the vision of the boss/boss’s son. We’ll see…




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