Muerte del Yetamu-ismo!

28 11 2007

Way to go UUP! It just lost one of its most precious media assets. With Tyrone Howe gone, is a dog whistle message not going out yet again that the UUP isn’t a welcome home for Young, Energetic, Talented, Articulate, Moderate, Unionists (or that most subversive of animals – the ‘Yetamu’)?

Tyrone was 40 years too young, was regrettably not a member of the OO, was too neutral on disliking nationalists, was too close to a form of Irish unity (erm… the Irish rugby team?) and he sadly wasn’t in it simply to make a bit of money after a series of bankruptcies and business failures.

Indeed, the fact that he was not in the OO left him open to the dangerous possibility that one of his great grandparents – or even his grandparents – may have bended their knees toward Rome. One shudders to imagine…

No, the man that Tyrone wasn’t will always look forward to a successful political career, while someone who ought to have been groomed for MEP merely gets to resign his council seat and leave the party forever.

Don’t need electable candidates, even electable Yetamus, infiltrating this Great Party of State. Farewell, Tyrone. What a shame.




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