Hey Beryl! You won’t believe this!

12 12 2007

Front page of the Belfast Telegraph morning edition and leading news story on GMU’s prime time slot this morning carried the story of a barrister who got injured whilst yachting in the Caribbean.

Unquestionably, this is tragic news for the friends and family of John Thompson – but is it news for Northern Ireland?

This is what the other newspapers put on the newsstands this morning.

Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie thought the only real reason for a story to appear in his paper was if it got someone putting their cuppa down and shouting ‘Hey Beryl, come here. You won’t believe this!’

Here goes… ‘Hey Beryl, you won’t believe this! A top barrister got injured while sailing a yacht.’

Er, so what? This wouldn’t make The Sun, but why is it good enough for the front page of our daily newspaper?




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