Vote Different

24 12 2007

Don’t like attack ads. But this is too good. It’s just irresistible.




2 responses

27 12 2007

hehe, looks spookily like a YU meeting…only with about a million times more people in the audience listening to thein fuhrer!!!

Hope the staff at boballs are having a nice christmas break, sadly staff at rival publications are back at their desks 😦

29 12 2007

Yip, also has broad similarities with the morning editorial meeting here at Bobballs. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost fired Hot Sledgehammer Lady on health & safety grounds.

Anyhoo, staff at Bobballs were given their seasonal thrashing and inflation-irrelevant wage nudge. Pleased to say we’re all highly motivated and keenly looking ahead to yet another new year. Maybe.

Way to go with that work ethic Shufflinggeisha. Sure you may think you got it tough, but think of the Hot Sledgehammer Lady. She works too. This Christmas, think of Hot Sledgehammer Lady. We are.

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