The terrible price of terror…

29 12 2007

The Bhutto assassination. Tragic. You just can’t put a price on human life. Unless you really wanna try…

First up, oil executives everywhere will pay tribute to Benzir’s noble sacrifice in inflating their annual profits, bonuses and share price in the face of a global slowdown and a depressed stock market. Ditto gold traders.

And sure Benazir’s death was bad for democracy and stability in the Middle East, but what about the cost implication of clearing all those stockbrokers off the sidewalk? Tragic.

Closer to home, by recklessly allowing herself to be killed, Bhutto went and put a couple pence on a litre of petrol. We followed Dan McTeague’s advice and filled up on Thursday morning. Nonetheless, expenses for Bobballs will go the wrong way.

It’s a understatement to say that events like that which occurred this week have enormous repercussions. We are part of a global community. In some way, what happened this week will touch all our lives. We need to be pragmatic in how we resolve issues there.

There was outcry over two Irish diplomats talking to the Taliban. Isn’t that the shape of things to come? Isn’t that part of part of terrible price of fighting a war on terror?




2 responses

2 01 2008
Brian Crowe

the 2 diplomats talking to elements of the taliban – classic counter-insurgency tactics. break off elements of the insurgents, turn them against their former allies etc. it is precisely what is working in iraq. and without such developments, afghanistan is going to be a very, very long war

6 01 2008

Jeez, the case against Crowe the Machiavellian builds. Why do you know this? And what will you do with this knowledge?

[Note to self: never turn back on Brian Crowe.]

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