When a picture speaks a thousand words…

4 01 2008

The Beeb picks through the embers of the Iowa caucus.

[With thanks to Conservativehome for the above.]




2 responses

4 01 2008

Ah now, some of us do quite like Hillary Clinton.

How did staff at Bobballs cope withthe snowfall today?

BTW how could Barack Obama possibly be 47 years old?

Its very suspecious and smacks of some sort of supernatural pact with the devil to keep looking so young and Peter Pan like.

It’s definitely not natural I tell you and anyone so unfeasibly young looking ought to be treated with caution.

5 01 2008

we don’t get hillary. but you’re clearly married shufflinggeisha. married women are hillary fodder. if you were single, obama obviously.

hear what you’re saying about youth. most black men in the states have to deal with racism, but you’ve reached for youth-ism & satanism. barack’s got a mountain to climb on this one. but staff at bobballs will monitor his progress for signs of satanism and continued youthfulness.

re snow, we all just about managed to get into work today. we had a hectic day doing whatever it is we’re supposed to do during the day, as i’m sure you can imagine…

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