The French in decency shocker!

17 08 2008
In the wake of yet another unsourced WORLD EXCLUSIVE (see our revelations on Michael Anthony’s Dave Lee Roth decoy assassination shame below), Staff at Bobballs did that which had eluded the great Erich Ludendorff – we bypassed Paris and went for a leisurely sojourn around western France.
Two weeks in St Gilles and Carnac to be precise. We packed the essentials – Van Halen II, the complete oeuvre of Jeremy Clarkson, and some bitter to the taste centuries-distilled Francophobia.

Clarkson and Van Halen delivered, but nothing from the Francophobia. In fact the French (left) turned out to be polite, considerate and good-humoured. Even my confusing the word ‘Brioche’ (butter bread) with ‘Brochette’ (kebab) at the meat counter found little more than a polite smile that simply said: ‘Ah Bless’.

Staff at Bobballs are fully converted. Vive la France…



3 responses

19 08 2008
Shuffling Geisha

Wahey, the french in being nice shocker.

We, the shuffling geisha recently happened upon a gnarly looking French dude on Royal Avenue, he was muttering something about “merde” as he emitted little green spitballs walking past Debenhems.

Restored our faith in the French it did, as well as an incontrollable giggling fit after which we had to shuffle slightly more rapidly lest one of the aforementioned green spitballs came in our direction!

Vive la France and all her crazy old men citizens!

24 08 2008

We thought long and hard about the evidence you’ve presented and I can tell you quite categorically that you’ve described a Scotsman.

Yes, I know he sounded French but that sadly demonstrates the dangers of too much McEwans.

In conclusion, this incident has all the hallmarks of Scottish involvement. I think the French deserve an apology young lady, don’t you?

26 08 2008
shuffling geisha

Not so fast Bob.

Before you are tempted to continue with your dastardly condemnation of our kin, the Scots, how about another look at the evidence laid out before you?

In particular the word uttered by the aforementioned gnarly looking dude?

My schoolgirl french may be poor but surely that is in fact en francais for shit?

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