You’ve been bugged!

6 10 2008

Ever buy a new car in Northern Ireland during the Troubles? Well, if you did, then British Army Intelligence listening devices come as standard.

Tom ‘Tricks’ Ricks, military correspondent for Washington Post, lifts the lid following a conversation with ex-servicemen:

By the way, the gentleman also told the story of how [the British] also bugged every new car going into Northern Ireland, and thus knew everything Gerry Adams was discussing. They did this because Adams always conducted mobile meetings and always used new cars.

The Israelis have a term for this type of thinking, “Embracing the Meshugganah,” which literally translated means, embrace the craziness, because the crazier the plan, the less likely the adversary will have thought about it, and thus, not have implemented a counter-measure.

We had a Rover in the 80s. F****g nothing worked in that car – including no doubt British-made listening devices. I’m quite sure the IRA embraced the Meshugganah and bought British. Effective counter-measure deployed!




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