18 10 2008

Things are getting bad in Your TV. It looks like one in five jobs are to go at the TV production side. The Bel Tel names Frank Mitchell as one of those under threat – but surely Frank’s radio gig is safe. UTV are still running spots with Frank in them.

It’s less good news for Lynda Bryans. Having been let go by U105, will she take up the redundancy offer? According to the Bel Tel on October 6: Lynda is awaiting firm proposals for TV work next year.

She’s not the only one. Seems so long ago now that Rose Neill walked the plank at BBC.

Part of the UTV headcount loss can be explained by those cross-platform reporting jobs they’ve been furiously advertising for recently. One journalist – three jobs (radio and TV reporting, web writing).

But, sadly, increased pressure on them combined with cuts in local output is already beginning to show. UTV will report ‘jobs blow hits company X’ stories, but as far as I can tell it still hasn’t found any space to report on the substantial jobs blow expected to land at UTV.




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