F**k off Dominic Lawson!

25 10 2008

Staff at Bobballs have had enough.

Why can we not get a decent local columnist in our national newspaper? Why do we get this syndicated rubbish?

Feel like we’re gaining a little of an insight into pre-emancipation Ireland. All that valuable Irish (newspaper) real estate occupied by London fat cats. Shame, shame.

If Staff at Bobballs wants to read Kevin Myers, we will buy the Irish Indo. If we want to read Robert Fisk, we will buy The independent (and immediately find all that misplaced middle-class outrage deeply exhausting).

If we want to read Dominic Lawson we will buy a buy a book on mathematical algorithms. Why? Because it’s preferable to this by-the-numbers journalism. Sick of it.

We want to see Northern Ireland scribblers scribbling in Northern Ireland’s flagship newspaper. What a load of crap.




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