A poor sales job?

15 11 2008

This is a poor sales job. And it’s being done by our best salesman. So to recap:

“While the salary cost in Belfast is nearly 25-50% less than London, property prices are nearly one-eighth than that of London. There is also huge availability of technical talent for Indian IT companies,” Invest Northern Ireland senior VP (India) Barry Clarke said.

But Barry, it’s a global economy. We’re is not competing against London. We’re competing against China (and a bunch of lower cost European destinations). There is just too much of this going about. We talk endlessly about the GVA, hi-value knowledge-based economy, and our talented graduates. But this is what we say inside NI. Then from far shore to near shore, we go out to tell people that we are cut price.

Staff at Bobballs are not software people. But if NI’s gonna get quoted, wouldn’t it be better to run a near shore operation pitch for Indian companies by hyping top engineering talent?

And surely this sales pitch suppresses local wages? If we are to retain the quality we think we have, then we must pay for it. If we actively stipulate low-pay as part of the ‘value-add’ pitch then why will our value-adding engineers not just say ‘Bollocks to it, we’re off to Silicon Valley’?

What would INI do if wage inflation caught up with England? Do they stop selling us?

Staff at Bobballs know that INI does good works – but surely they’ve got this wrong? Talk up our talent, don’t constantly hype low-cost from supposedly hi-value engineers. It’s paradoxical. It’s bollocks.




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