If the US lawyer is right, then NI is completely wrong…

15 11 2008

What would it mean if the lawyer is right? Could the law find against the peace process?

Politics says we’re mostly reconstructed, but what would it mean if the US legal system disagrees?

The last IMC report wasn’t encouraging, nor is the conduct of the Executive, nor the attacks by militant republicans. But now we could have up to dozen Loyalist splinter groups going around taking out zero-profile republicans long decommissioned and rendered harmless through self-imposed exile. This is unforeseen and terrible!

Could the US President have been visiting and sending envoys to Northern Ireland to create a settlement which the US legal system believes to be phoney?

Well, answer me Eamonn McMenamin!

Asked what would happen if Brennan were deported, McMenamin said, “he would be quite a high-profile target because of the publicity.” The threat would come from more than a dozen Protestant paramilitary splinter groups that continue to operate in Northern Ireland.

When Peterson asked McMenamin what could draw the attention of militant Protestant groups, he answered: “any Catholic who voices anything the Loyalist paramilitary groups don’t like.”

Jeez, this is serious! If this were proved, would it not provide an evidential basis for this comment?

So who is Eamonn? Perhaps a highly-placed former intelligence asset? Or an academic expert a long track record and bibliography to boot? Erm… nope! He’s a retired solicitor.

According to local Texas news:

For more than four hours Wednesday at the Willacy Detention Center, retired solicitor Eamann McMenamin, an expert witness for the defense, expounded on the history of a troubled Northern Ireland from the 11th-century Norman invasion up to the present day.

As a solicitor surely Eamonn knows that wasting the court’s time is a custodial offence. WTF has the 11th century Norman Conquest got to do with an extradition case in the 21th century. Sounds like the ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapter that got cut for being too crazzzzeehhhh.

(Staff at Bobballs would have sent Eamon to the chair the moment we heard the words ‘Begorrah, milord, ’twas about eight hundred years ago…’).

Whether, during this riveting four hours of entirely relevant and expert testimony, Eamonn found time to mention that the co-Prime Minister of this troubled country is an (ex-?)IRA leader and a Catholic who says things that Loyalists don’t like is unreported.

If Eamonn is an expert on history we’re Johnnie Cochran. So in the expert legal opinion of Staff at Bobballs.. jeez Pol, back to the drawing board with that defence buddy!

We also wondered how OTR legislation would stop a dozen loyalist splinter group death squads taking down defunct republicans?

Pol is unleashing forces we can scarcely conceive of. Could the court find against the peace process, US policy and the one bright little star of externally supported consociational government in the West?

Staff at Bobballs are shocked and confused. Pol has challenged everything we know. What if he’s right? And what if Paul Burrell is right as well? And David Ike? It’s all just too much to consider…




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