Man alive!

25 11 2008

Phwoarr blimey! Roll up chaps!
Girl in pants measuring the distance between two trees and wondering if she accidentally left the hob on before she inexplicably left the house wearing nothing? Why, it must be a men’s health calendar!
So well done to the our super-phwoarraway Belfast Tottygraph for nobly stepping up to support this important cause and running an ex-phwoarr-dinary series of pics on their website.
Indeed, this tasteful series of health-focused photography is part of a Ulster Cancer Foundation calendar which retails at £5.95 on the UCF website.
Staff at Bobballs strongly support phwoarr, sorry, our local charities. And out of a genuine desire to do what we can phwoarr, sorry, for the UCF we happily reproduce some more of this tasteful, health-focused photography which clearly illustrates the terrible scourge of cancer among the male population.
Phwoarr, what an appalling illness!



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22 09 2009
High fives fellas… the Tottygraph’s got a health story! « Bobballs!

[…] noted here, here and (yawn) here, the Belfast Tottygraph, erm, stands out among rival newspapers for its creative dexterity in how […]

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