Regional television production goes through the floor

25 11 2008

Adding more woe to the Ofcom production cuts and UTV headcount cuts (Balls passim), a Pact report is out and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for local television production.

According to the report:

  • The level of network television produced outside the M25 is still low and continues to decline in some regions.
  • The number of hours from Wales dropped from 119 hours in 2006 to just 99 in 2007, and Northern Ireland dropped from 20 hours to just 16.
  • Five did not commission any network programming from Northern Ireland in 2007.

Elsewhere, UTV have hit back at Michael Grade for claiming ITV subsidises regional TV to the tune of £25m.

Encouragingly for Scotland, Rob Woodward, Chief Executive of stv group plc, said:

We are very clear about the fact we want to remain part of the ITV network and maintain our commitment to PSB as Scotland’s Channel 3 broadcaster going forward.

John McCann, Chief Executive of UTV, said:

This comprehensive report explodes the myth of ITV plc “subsidising” UTV and stv. The pointless debate ignited by Michael Grade’s clearly unfounded assertions should now be put behind us as we focus our efforts on improving ITV network’s performance.




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