UPDATE: Pol Brennan

3 12 2008

UPDATE: There was a legal case in the States last month which greatly concerned Staff at Bobballs (Balls passim). Maze escapee Pol Brennan was facing deportation. His defence was that returning to NI could result in him being attacked by ‘more than a dozen’ loyalist death squads.

Staff at Bobballs were concerned that the US legal system might agree. If it did, then boy oh boy did the peace process™ get it wrong. Well, fortunately for the peace process™ US law agrees with it. And unfortunately for Mr Brennan, he will soon be joining the rest of us here in Ireland.

His supporters tell of Pol’s recent ordeals, so at least this uncomfortable portion of his life is resolved. But it seemed a bit like a non-sequitor for Pol’s defence to have been the failure of peace process and the inability of Sinn Fein to deliver on the equality agenda™. Ho hum.

Still, he seems to have led a productive life in the States (bezzie mates with Noam Chomsky apparently) – what will he make of NI? It’s a place he hasn’t experienced from outside prison since 1976. We look forward to inevitable updates from our super-soaraway An Phoblacht… (accepting of course that implicit criticisms of the SF strategy are no barrier for entry)




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