Newspaper of the week: The Ballymoney Times!

4 12 2008

The Ballymoney Times is fast-becoming the newspaper of choice for Staff at Bobballs. Why? Well, we like our news in bite-sized morsels.

Nothing is more dramatically loaded, more perfectly formed than a news-in-brief two-word header. And nothing and no one, ahem, gives better header than The Ballymoney Times.

Oil Theft – WHAMMY!!

Petrol stolen – DOUBLE WHAMMY!!

Keys found – RELIEF!!

Logs stolen – DRAMA!!

Alleged assault – INCONCLUSIVE!!

Man arrested – CONCLUSIVE!!

Window broken – IRRITATING!!

Signs stolen – INFORMATIVE!!

Top notch reporting. Then there was this gem.

Councils owe £400m, but Ballymoney and Moyle only owe £17.5m

This is the editorial equivalent of: ‘Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes… you’re under! £17.5m is not a lot money etc…’

Well done, Ballymoney Times! You are the Bobballs’ Newspaper Of The Week…




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