Phwooaaarrr blimey! Suits you Belfast Tottygraph!

5 12 2008

Earlier this week we reported on how the Belfast Tottygraph had nobly stepped up in support of the Ulster Cancer Foundation and their new calendar (Balls passim). The theme for this calendar? Rampant totty! The links with men’s health are obvious…

Well, the Belle Tel was at it again this week with an incredible phew from Stormont.

But wait! Staff at Bobballs had clearly understated the commitment of this committed campaigning newspaper. Phwoaarrr it was they who sent gristled reporter Gary Grattan to film a photoshoot of models doing their bit for charidee. Out of a shared desire to support the UCF/men’s health/rampant totty, we happily post up the link to Grattan’s scoop here.

But the BT is not the only campaigning daily newspaper. Oh no.

The News Letter covered the calendar story online but somehow couldn’t find space to publish the supporting photograph that appeared in the print version. To show our solidarity with our cousins in print, Staff at Bobballs will happily devote space to reproduce that photograph in full below…

What will your da say about that one Junior! (Smell that man’s breath – surely).

Yip, it’s a cold winter for a lot of us this Christmas. The recession is beginning to bite, jobs are scarce etc. (Sadly, the Bobballs production floor witnessed a mass firing not seen since the Katyn Massacre. Clear those desks lads!). But it’s great to see that our MLAs sharing the pain in these serious times.

So congratulations Ian Paisley Junior! Phwoooaarrr capturing the public mood so completely, you win this week’s ‘Bobballs: Man of the People’ award! As always, you award is being faxed to you as we speak…




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