Unionist unity: DUP unilaterally boosts UUP morale!

5 12 2008

Big winners in the political sphere this week… the UUP Press Office! The press office drew fire from the DUP on two occasions (here and here).

Attack statements should focus on incompetence. But on both occasions the DUP seems to be worrying that the UUP Press Office is not incompetent. Indeed, the DUP are upset at the effectiveness of the UUP tactics. In fact that the UUP has tactics is clearly a source of surprise and upset.

The press officer is beleaguered, lonely and wretched soul. They get it in the neck from the opposition, from the media and from the people they are there to protect. The perenial problem for the press officer is low morale. And, well, we suspect that DUP just gave the UUP Press Office a morale boost.

This has been a great week for the UUP in terms of column inches, and the people most directly responsible for that are rattling their opposite numbers in the DUP.




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