Blue on blue contact… abort, abort!

13 12 2008

Oops. Staff at Bobballs were really looking forward to MEPs going to the OFMDFM committee (Balls! 03.12).

We felt it was a platform for a candidate to really let the media notice them. A place to show how efficient Europe is. And the right environment to show up some MLAs and shake things up a bit.

And so it proved! So well done Jim Nicholson for achieving all the above by

  • ilustrating how efficient Europe can be
  • and getting in the face of a local MLA.

And who was the target and vehicle for all this ire? Why, Jim’s very own demoralised election agent Tom Elliott.

Seriously Jim, why?

But things improved and he finally got a decent story out of it. It was a sharp an answer to the remit of the committee as could be possible.

And what of the DUP/TUV confrontation? Alas the DUP MLAs present were timid as mice.




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