This week’s Warney Flipper Award For Spin goes to…

14 12 2008

… the PSNI. Late breaking news on Friday evening was this gem.

The police statement apparently hit newsdesks late on Friday evening, and plum into broadcasting’s dead zone.

Evening Extra rushed it out, but because it was emerging so late on they had little option than to go with only the PSNI statement. Things were slightly more developed for News Line but again the PSNI statement pledging immediate action represented the thrust of the story.

Have Staff at Bobballs correctly spotted the fingerprints of pre-meditated news management all over this? Or are we going to be asked to believe in the random nature of ‘events, dear boy, events’?

[Although, having released the proactive, positive line it somewhat unfortunately disappeared beneath this.]

This was also the week that the PSNI sent out Christmas cards to criminals. Ouch. It smarts.

Let’s hope next week brings better luck, eh lads?




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