Dear Tw*t…

17 12 2008

Staff at Bobballs are getting delirious with excitement at prospect of a Spring general election. The UK’s most influential political writer has been all but daring Brown to do it for some time now.

Staff at Bobballs feel he must move before these numbers get worse. And no one doubts the figures are going to get worse (lose the middle-class, then lose that election Gordy!).

But just as he must consider an early election, he stupidly hands momentum back to a struggling Tory Party. This smacks of the old Brown: the paranoia; the vulnerability; the distasteful partisan approach (to efficient government at a time of national crisis).

We recently blogged how the Tories are flat-footed, reactive and lacking in confidence (Balls! 14.12). But as the economy becomes bleaker, momentum can quickly shift their way again. A steady build up of stories like this and this could soon remind people that Brown’s premiership was rudderless and catastrophic… until rudderless and catastrophic financial institutions permitted him to save the world.

Opinion (media, public, political) is building, and an air of expectancy now hangs over an early election date. If Brown goes through Spring without an election call, he will be accused of cowardice and of fatal hesitation once more.

Because of the climate, past dithering, the listlessness of the Tories, he has no option but call an election soon (after January 20 when Barack gets sworn in. We expect Labour to desperately attach Gordy – tired old Mr Establishment – to this event and bask in the reflective glow of the fresh, history-making Change candidate).

Surely he can’t make the same mistake twice?

PS. Hain the Pain is not our favourite politician. High fives all round when he quit in disgrace. But he has now been exonerated. This piece in The Guardian struck us as about the best defence of Hain, and that we might have been wrong about him. And so it has proved. Staff at Bobballs withdraw our vigorous high-fives and apologise for ever having doubted you… you obnoxious, perma-tanned twat.




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