If it’s smart… it’s Intelligence!

17 12 2008

Staff at Bobballs are interested in this piece from Religious Intelligence. Yip, that’s where we get all our news. If it’s smart, it’s Intelligence (are we right, Intelligence sales team??).

Well, Intelligence has a pretty good interview with Conor Murphy. He seems animated.

According to Conor:

If London has no long-term, selfish strategic interests in Northern Ireland, then it should prepare for disengagement.

We feel he’s reacting to something in particular but hasn’t been fully quoted. (Or he has been fully quoted, he’s just been in a very deep sleep since December 6.)

Addressing the current state of power-sharing at Stormont, Mr Murphy said that his party had resolved many issues with the DUP and that it had been an “easier marriage” than anticipated.

Not quite the battle a day Unionists were promised. Robinson did say this was not a lasting or enduring form of government. When and how will the change come? Would he really want to change things now that the marriage with SF is ‘easy’?

Paradoxically, commenting on the ‘easy marriage’ could momentairly cause unease – as Allister et al will surely attack the DUP for talking bollocks. But Staff at Bobballs are pleased to hear Conor say it. It shows how the DUP can do the right, if not say the right thing.

PS. Conor plans to push ahead with ‘political work… in the UK and the Irish community has a role to play in this’. After the UUP/Tory pact, shall we expect to see a concerted attack on the Tory record by Irish community leaders in England? The Tory record is indeed extremely suspect. We wonder what Conor meant?

But the complicated nature of things now means it’s equally open for the Tories and SF to heartily agree with one another. Indeed, Europe seems to be drawing Tories together with Irish political leaders of all persuasions (Balls! 02.12).

But what of the DUP? Not all decisions made in Lisbon are unpalatable. Let’s wait and see…




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