Farewell to all that…

20 12 2008

Staff at Bobballs do not think that the SDLP are planning to leave the Executive in the immediate future. But we do think there’s a heightened tendency/attitude towards opposition within SDLP quarters.

Perhaps one day it will lead to a decision to exit the Executive (Balls! 14.12), but at the moment there is a distinct froideur coming from our friends in the SDLP.

Were they to leave the Executive, Staff at Bobballs wonder if it would not be terminal for the Executive. Could SF really stay inside as minority partner helping administer majoritarian Unionist rule?

Surely, the Executive could suffer the loss of all other parties from the Executive but not the SDLP. They have a uniquely strong card to play. But under what possible circumstances could they play it and for what gain?

[While polls show that the UUP are being rewarded by voters for being in government, the SDLP have earned no such pay off. But what gain to remain in? The fear of impending death has the power to overthrow logic, right Reg!?! By staying in do they contrive to hasten their own downfall?]

Staff at Bobballs hold the SDLP in high esteem (Balls passim). But we wonder what’s going on in there. Are we starting to get a glimpse of the SDLP’s poker face? Will we hold that in similarly high esteem?




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