Great reporting from Belfast Media Group (Pt II)

20 12 2008

The Alliance Party were out this week talking up the significance of a green recovery plan authored by their sister Party in GB. The Lib Dem plan is good and Farry is on the money here.

Sadly, Alliance Party Leader David Ford wasn’t quite so nimble of foot earlier this week over Hightown Landfill! As the Belfast Media Group reveals this week:

MLA is talking rubbish about landfill says owner

Erm… the owner of Hightown Landfill is angrily protesting that the business remains in operation after Mr Ford welcomed its closure on Tuesday.

It appears that the landfill is closed to waste material, but it can still receive restoration material. Cue outrage from business owner who claims to have assisted in the economic recovery of surrounding area.

The Irish News also reported the story (accurately but sadly without the assistance of Laura McLaughlin).

Great reporting from Belfast Media Group – getting beneath press releases and official statements to tease out local colour from the story.

PS. It has now just occurred to us… Stephen Farry is clearly APNI’s most articulate, most capable politician (and one of the best in the Assembly). Surely, Farry is underused to the advantage of their wearingly unendurable, battering ram of a Deputy Leader. (Our PB for tolerating her is 12 seconds.) What have they achieved since walking into Opposition? Or to put it another way – what on earth is that nincompoop Ford still doing there?




One response

21 12 2008

Accurately eh? Thats not what Ms McLaughlin thought cue much apologising and another story written in her favour, *sigh*

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