Staff at Bobballs mourns the loss of…

20 12 2008

Mural number 901 from album 27 of the Cain Mural Directory.

This gem – formerly on Mountpottinger Road (within Sammy Wilson’s council constituency) – depicted Wilson naked except for his mayoral chain and a DUP rosette… next to the PUP’s David Ervine MLA who’s holding the Oxford Book of Quotations.

But it is long gone. We were reminded of it when Professor Greg Lloyd put his foot in it earlier this week. Staff at Bobballs would be obliged if any of the good people of the Short Strand area might have a pic of said mural and could pop it into us on email…

Incidentally, Sammy’s retort was worthy of the man.

I’m all in favour of recycling, but this is a recycled old story. Other than that I have no comment.

And recycling the syllable ‘tort’ for the purposes of seamless segue, Staff at Bobballs notes that Jim Allister’s TUV declares support for traditional family values! Unquestionably so, though sadly Allister’s professional commitments can occasionally render him adjacent to individuals (hi, Sammy!) whom right-thinking people may not understand to be champions of tradition family activities.

It is a cruel world when the Alexandrian Library can be consumed by fire but the evidence (negatives) of the Wilson ‘naturism’ moment can still be out there. The horror…

NEXT WEEK FROM OUR HEALTH EXPERT: Images of ‘Nature Boy’ Wilson (‘Wooooooo!!) or rising acid? The messy business of regurgitative reflux…




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