And a great 2009 to…

28 12 2008

Tigerrouge – this is a Change Year. You’re starting 2009 with magazine pubication. This is your year. Go get ’em.

Burke’s Corner – this guy is our tip for political blogger in the Orwell Prize. From US to UK, from conservative to liberal (including the strains he doesn’t like. ie. all of them…), to economic and the spiritual, he’s covering it all. However he will insist in defending Colonel Blimp of Canterbury (Rowan Williams). Nonetheless, Burke’s Corner niftily applies great historical perspectives like field dressing to the deep, deep wounds in the CoE body polity inflicted by ol’ Blimpy.

The Baron – potential for a blog that straddles the transatlantic divide. On the cusp of settling into big stuff. Maybe you’re like an coiled spring, a study in arrested motion up to Jan 20 then after that…. WHAMMY! Give your blog the same commitment as ‘Lost’ and the possibilities are endless. Oh yes.

Shuffling Geisha – don’t let the bastards grind you down (Laura McLaughlin, eh? Go figure. Up yours APNI press office!). Nevertheless, you’re right about most things. In 2009, just follow your gut…

DC – conservationist, syndico-anarchist, psephologist and strange West Brit in a strange land. We stare in shared horror at the ball-less UUP/Tory merger thing, but there’s more to life than this. My friend, there are many more enormously, heart-breaking disappointments to look forward to in 2009! Oh yes.

Nick Clegg – FFS get it together in 2009. You’re making me look stoopid. But what a talent! Up yours Cameron!

… there’s more to come. But these will do for a start. Have a great 2009!




2 responses

30 12 2008
Shuffling Geisha

But Bob, haven’t you heard, rule of communications mercury is set to be in retrogade three times in 2009 causing mayhem and misery.

Time to batten down the hatches, time to cower under the duvet, time to reduce the contacts book to only yes men…

6 01 2009

ah bob me aul mucker, g’day mate, more than enough two pound fifty antipodean grape juice out here in the great red desert to drown even the crushingest of disappointments, now all i need’s a poor unfortunate wee labor party to inflict my psephological wotnots on….

tragically for staff at Bobballs i fear there may be no amount of grape juice that’ll render aul cleggers psephologically viable, bring back charley i say!

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