Nick Clegg’s New Year message

4 01 2009

What the heck, why not a quick word from Cleggers?

Green investment, public transport and tax cuts. He’s moving in from the left and all over Cameron territory.

Shows how listless Tories have become when Lib Dems can reasonably inhabit this space (people have now forgetten/don’t care that this is the position from which Cameron emerged three years ago).

Still, half of this is good – describing Tories and Labour as ‘prisoners of their own special interests’ is good stuff. Mittal, Deripaska etc etc

The second half – a flighty aspirational list of tedius nomative statements about what Britain should be – is just dull.

He’s too deliberative, too earnest, too green, too darn needy. He so desperately wants to get it right, hence his tendency to go on a bit.

But Clegg’s going in the right direction. Staff at Bobballs are less fixed by the direction in which he’s travelling but more on the manner in which he travels. His communications people are clearly not playing in the same league as the Tories and Labour.




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