Most pointless story of 2009 already published… in Coleraine!

7 01 2009

The search string ‘most pointless blog‘ returns over 1,000 hits on a Google blog search. And yes, some of these returns are clearly pointless. But Google is not aware of the Coleraine Times…

Pray silence for the most-pointless-blog-slash-most-redundant-list in cyber history.

Entitled ‘Top Ten Stories on the Coleraine Times website‘ it contains no hyperlinks. That’s right, no hyperlinks. Nothing. Nip. Oh, and its doesn’t mention how the ranking was arrived at (no page impressions… nothing… NIP!)

So what the Coleraine Times has actually done is find a list of inaccessible statements and attach them to some meaningless numbers then publish same on their website for media consumers to enjoy at their leisure.

Staff at Bobballs like the fifth meaningless entry best of all:

Christmas wishes from 5. across the globe

Eh? Seriously, sort it out Coleraine Times!

PS. The Coleraine Times then goes on to remind us why we love good local newspapers. This sort of thing is golddust. We love it that Tony Barnhill went for a walk and captured this scene – then considered his local newspaper so familiar and such a vital part of his community that more people could appreciate and enjoy a dazzling perspective of their townland. Keep sending those pics in Coleraine… great stuff!




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