Early election? Ask Dave Grohl and Keith Flint…

13 01 2009

Well done FT, what a great graphic!

At Lehman collapse, Cameron heads earthwards and Broon slips the surly bonds of earth and heads to the heavens.

Yes, on September 15 Lehman collapsed. But we think the FT have missed something. On September 15, The Streets’ fourth album ‘Everything is Borrowed’ hit the shelves. Then convergence occurs. Coincidence?

Here we are on January 13 and Tories are moving ahead again. On January 13 Gorillaz debut a number of new demos on Radio 1. Coincidence? We think not.

Staff at Bobballs wonder what impact Dave Grohl’s appearance on The Prodigy’s new album will have on prospects for an early UK election.

According to Liam Howlett:

You know what we deal with: it’s beats in a predominantly electronic style and it’s full of fucked – up guitars!

Clearly, the potential impact of this album on the political life of the UK could be enormous. Staff at Bobballs are preparing for a major world exclusive on March 2…

PS. We think that, after all the balls that’s been indulged about the general election, the ‘Bobballs Bo Selecta Method’ would be just as reliable as listening to insiders, or media guys or Prime Ministers et al. We’re sick and tired of meaningless prattering from pseudo-know-it-alls. Wouldn’t find that kind of thing round my way! Sort it out.

PPS. Staff at Bobballs are obviously disappointed by the dotted line snaking around at the bottom of the graphic. We think ol’ Daithi might have been right. (Oh, Daithi mate – when you said you were missing Charley, you were referring to the politician and not the er… the Colombian export product, right? Sure you were, I’m just kiddin’, you’re all right!)




6 responses

17 01 2009

Ah staff at Bobballs I’m deeply shocked and saddened to think that you could imagine i would have anything to do with any export product linked to Uribe’s repulsive blood-stained right-wing regime in Colombia… not when there’s a perfectly good, environmentally friendly, organic alternative on hand from Evo’s Bolivia – shining new socialist hope of the Andes – tenderly grown by indigenous people using traditional methods hallowed by the passing of the centuries…

for true libdem success i suggest bring back charlie, put him on the charley and off the booze and watch that snaking downbeat polling line shoot upwards for the stars… oh yes! prime minister kennedy i see it now, it all just seems so suddenly lucid and clear…….

(disclaimer: no colombian peasants were harmed in the production of this comment)

18 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

How right you are… for too long have I known your strong feelings on Uribe’s repulsive, blood-stained right-wing regime in Colombia. This is not an export product that you could happily support.

But setting that to one side, Bolivia’s organic substitute is clearly the better alternative. For is this Andean region not inhabitated by a druid like people – companions of the countryside and noble custodians of the soil… nimble-footed Treebeards who make friends with the forests and harvest superior erm… hydro-ponics?

The Charlie on Charley strategy must be tried (if it hasn’t been already?). But I’m detecting the slightest whiff of uncertainty from you that the Lib Dems might be a party of government. Why don’t you jump aboard for the big push and I’ll have Charlie talk to Uribe’s repulsive, blood-stained right-wing regime in Colombia? What do ya say?

24 01 2009

Nice one staff at Bobballs, I’m certainly up for a big push on the Charlie on Charley strategy. I reckon planning for Operation ‘Charlie for PM’ is starting to really come together – we’ll just need an old rich dude dripping with gold to finance our botanical acquisitions and, in case of unanticipated hairiness, a rapid chopper-borne exfiltration squad of Rhodesian Light Infantry.

Minor matters I’m sure for the resourceful staffs at Bobballs.

Besides, if all else fails, there’s apparently this great wee island to the north where Charlie can learn all about alternative interpretations of democracy should those bourgeois polling figures remain stubbornly close to the bottom of the graph….

25 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Sounds good Daithi. Infact I’d do anything to get the Rodhesian Light Infantry exfiltration squad back into their choppers. Eating me out of house and home at the moment. And not so much as a thank you to Mrs Bobballs. Tsk. Typical.

27 01 2009
daithi mac c

Ach man just point them to the city council Braii – there’s gotta be one somewhere sure the council organises events for every wee cultural group around the place… loadsa simba beer and john edmond and clem tholet singing ‘rhodesians never die’ and ‘rhodies everywhere’ outside city hall… don’t tell me rhodesians are uncatered for in the new multicultural belfast???

for shame, for shame….

27 01 2009
daithi mac c

altogether now… ‘were all rhodesians and we’ll fight through thick and thin, keep our land a free land stop de enemy comin in, we’ll keep em north of the Zambezi till that river’s runnin’ dry, we’ll keep our land a free land for rhodesians never die’…

they’ll love it, they’ll be mad up for Colombia after that. reckon staffs at bobballs need to apply to the Council for a tasty 20000 squid grant…..

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