SDLP – misleading the public since January 4!

13 01 2009

We know the SDLP have been misleading the public since January 04. Or at least, PC knew that the SDLP have been talking balls about their MEP candidate holding strategy meetings on trains.

Check out this pic, which was taken in 2007. Now check out the front of the SDLP website. My goodness they’re similar. Looks like Pat and Alban held their MEP strategy meeting about 18 months before Alban was selected as a candidate. Mmmm…

This is how we replied to PC on January 4.

In some organisations, passing off old footage as a new story leads to resignations – to which James Furlong can testify.

Yes, reaching into the archive is commonplace but captioning it up like this is just plain dishonest isn’t it? Wonder what Alban thinks of press offices that dissminate misleading and inaccurate information to the electorate during an election campaign??

For sake of proportion, s’pose this is a relatively minor transgression, but embarrassing enough when you get caught out. Kicking off 2009 with the kind of whopper Burger King might be proud of. Not good.

Think this remains just as true as the pic & caption on the frontpage of the SDLP website remains just as dishonest. Change it/stop lying please!

PS. Yes, we know,this was a political-party-in-not-telling-the-truth shocker.

PPS. Next week: Bear sh*ts in woods… a world exclusive!




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