FOLLOW UP: How do we learn stuff…

14 01 2009

FOLLOW UP: While Staff at Bobballs were emoting about the environmental implications of our Googling habit (Balls! 12.01), other fearless reporters (hi Cathy!) were Googling the real story behind Tripitaka.

The real story isn’t a jolly one. We now hear that the actor/actress that played her/him died in 1985 from acute leukemia. We totally didn’t know about that. In fact we kinda hoped that he / she might end up with the funnyman actor who played Monkey.

But the bonfire of the vanities moment continued. It appears the roll of honour for assorted inconsequential cultural icons of the 80s is enormous… so much so that…. it includes Falco! We remember him for such movie soundtracks as Amadeus. Jeez…

Similarly we completely missed the tragic deaths of The London Boys. Their breakthrough single still defies description.

And how did we miss the death of the icon who so obviously modelled his career on being a taller Yoda?

It’s alot to take in. Still, as long as this guy stays sunny side up then all is not lost.

PS. First Tripitaka then The London Boys… how quickly things once so vital are erased and we start again, as like frailest palimpsest. Yes, there are no retread childhoods – once they are worn through they are set to one side. The panoply of one’s youth fades to faint-sounding echoes, behind the din of downturns and bills to pay. My god, Lord Google has taught us something about our own mortality. And on reflection I think that kind of successfully administered online therapy/maudlin & indulgent new age self-realisation is actually worth the deaths of the odd polar bear or two. Am I right??

All hail Lord Google!! Up yours Ursus Maritimus!!




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