Another military endgame plays out as Gaza burns

15 01 2009

We came across this piece from Al Jazeera. Hadn’t quite realised how far Sri Lankan government troops had come in recent months.

According to the report, 350,000 people are being driven into a pocket around Mulliativu. Then comes shots of the huge artillery piece. When civilians and combatants are pushed into such proximity surely deploying diplomacy is more important than payload.

An overwhelming military victory looks assured for the Israeli and Sri Lankan governments. They brought their enemies to heel but they brought war to civilians.

This is difficult stuff, and we’re not expert on the local politics. Artillery and fast jets are appropriate in battle plans but surely not in built up areas where civilians cannot vacate the ‘battlefield’.

How is it possible that the international community of nations are so supine or disjointed in their defence of blameless/innocent human life that ceasefires cannot be installed in areas densely packed with non-combatants?




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