A floating voter writes…

17 01 2009

Staff at Bobballs are not Tories. But there is much to admire in Cameron’s Tory Party. Take the green launch today – what timing!

Sure, Iain Dale don’t like the Heathrow thing but, with this green launch in the background, the Villiers opposition has the appearance of principle and not political expediency… when this is one issue where only expediency matters.

A sound economic case based on excruciating metrics is completely irrelevant – sensing where the public mood lies is clearly what’s at stake. And the Tories have largely nailed it… with the possible exception of Patrick Hennessey.

(Erm… come election time who cares about the 15 month-old considered, circumspect and intricate transport policy of Opposition? Anyone remember a John Smith transport policy, sexy or otherwise? And wasn’t Boris Johnston always going to blow a big fat hole in a subtlely nuanced non-position? And how could the Tories lose the mayor of London on a quintessentially London issue? Villiers & Cameron made the right call.).

Labour, though, have totally flunked this test of media opinion. Check out that Monbiot endorsement! Though, didn’t Monbiot advocate something akin to a smart grid in his book Heat (ta for that Burkes Corner!)? So, Geordie seems plenty thrilled. Which is nice.

The Tories approached the media handling pretty smartly. This was always going to receive MSM treatment but the Tories played upon the virtue of an exclusively online launch. Then I liked the choice of media. The online interviewer was from The Indo and the teaser interview was with The Guardian. Great choices.

If green issues dominate your politics, these are your media. And yes, the primary audience is the green voter but my goodness the Tories have just nailed a great spread of coverage for marginals’ audiences.

Which brings me back to Labour. Because they’re all over the place. How will this bollocks commend Labour in a marginal? ‘Large, inherited wealth’? Why does this enjoy opprobrium of Labour? Are you no longer comfortable with rich people?

If I generate wealth, I certainly want my children to inherit it. If I generate a lot of wealth I’ll be delighted to pass it on to my children. Maybe I’ll receive the gratitude of my children but I’ll clearly receive the smug, palm off from my government. This is stuff is just appalling – which apparatchik will be brave enough to think that this is going to make life difficult for the Tories online?

Bottomline – while the Tories win with their green message, Labour is losing with theirs. Chuck in that dumb crap about opposition to inherited wealth (er… isn’t maintaining the continuum of wealth how economies are built and sustained?), and well, up yours Derek!




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