Looking good guys!

17 01 2009

And elsewhere from the Bel Tel pic archive, we came across this gem from 1972. Check out those crazee young Turks! But wait… my goodness, isn’t that Sir Reg Empey (front row, second from right) and Lord David Trimble (second row, second from right)? What are they doing amongst those Vanguard ruffians? And Reg, I’ve never seen plaid worn so, erm, conservatively.

So where are they now?

Well, Reg is now a children’s TV presenter. Kids just love those big signs. And David? Well he’s replacing Big Bird on Sesame Street. His new character, The Great Albatross, is sure to be a big hit with viewers. Here’s David with young Albatross fan Fabian Richter in Bath. Best of luck for 2009 chaps!

PS. Is that a comb-over Reg is sporting? But… isn’t he in his 20s here?




3 responses

19 01 2009

Can’t be them. VUPP produced a pamphlet called Ulster a nation, such devoted pan-UK unionists wouldn’t have anything to do with such ideas 😉

20 01 2009

Missed a trick Bob, shld have juxtaposed a pic of young unionist whippersnappers today for a now and then spot the difference comp.

20 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Great Scott FD – what you’re suggesting would almost have the look of some sort of inconsistency! Which we all know could not possibly be the case… am I right Albatross??

SG – sorry! My mistake. And of course such a pic could not but reveal future greatness of present whippersnappers. Which is clearly the entirely credible point you were making, am I right SG?

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