Newsflash: Putin in French prostitute shame!

18 01 2009
Another World Exclusive!
I was reading through an old issue of French Elle, writes our Undercover Reporter (hi Cathy! ooops!), and they were comparing Vladimir Putin with Illya Kuryakin , but they’d spelled his surname as ‘Poutine’ and I was wondering… why?!

Putain: Putin ***** ****S**********Putin: Kyrakin

When I realised, it’s because ‘Putin’ pronounced in the French way sounds like their word for prostitute. Vladimir Prostitute! So they’re being polite by using this alternative spelling.

He must know that every time he appears on TV, half of Europe, several Canadian cities and large swathes of Africa are laughing. He has the face of a man who KNOWS he has a very demeaning surname in a widely-used language.

Of course, the other half of Europe isn’t laughing at all, and will have invented several other new names for him recently.

The New York Times adds the depth that we tend to avoid here at Bobballs. So there it is, Putin in French prostitute shame.

PS. What?! An actual prostitute? Are you kiddin’? This was the ol’ Okay! switcheroo – I write misleading bollocks in the headline so as to entice readers into my web. What? Besides, I take milk and two sugars in my tea – hold the plutonium Putain!!




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