No more Wrath from Khan…

18 01 2009

The roll of honour for inconsequential icons of the 80s continues… so farewell Ricardo Montalban!

Ricardo’s film career began in the 40s – and because he looked a bit foreign he got lots of work as ‘3rd Indian brave’ and ‘2nd Japanese bystander’. And while we think Ricardo’s most important work came in 1988 playing Vincent Ludwig, no doubt he will be remembered best for playing Khan.

Muscles + Wrath = Montalban

Ricardo’s career-defining role in the most important of all sci-fi franchises led to Trekkies finding one weird aspect to this inconsequential icon to discuss for years on end. According to Wikipedia:

There were some questions initially as to whether Montalban had had prosthetic muscles applied to his chest during filming of Star Trek II to make him appear more muscular, on account of his being over 60 years old at the time. Montalban and others associated with the production of Star Trek II have disputed this, most notably Leonard Nimoy in his book I Am Spock, citing the fact that he was always physically active and worked out regularly, and those really were his muscles.

Now he’s working out with The London Boys (Balls! 14.01) in the great gym in the sky. Godspeed Ricardo…




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