APNI repo men kick in door of the Oval Office…

20 01 2009

So the DUP have noticed the arrival of Barack Obama. The Alliance Party have spotted that one ‘an all. But nothing on the UUP site in relation to the world’s biggest news story today! Courageous news judgment there lads, sure it’ll be forgotten in a week.

However, I did like the Farry statement. In fact I wonder how long APNI has been running presidential candidates within the Democratic National Caucus… because Obama is clearly a signed up member of the Alliance Party.

According to Farry, Barack will bring new hope for a ‘shared future’ and integrated education in Northern Ireland. January 20 has been really great for APNI and they obviously gain superb validation of their policies. Well done lads!

Dare we now look forward to Barack wheeling in behind on APNI over issues like the Hightown Landfill (Balls! 20.12)? I’ll leave that last one with you Stephen…

PS. Headline of the week comes from the UUP. According to the vote-leaky Ulster Unionists:

Underachievement should be addressed

Quite so. That 2005 election result took a bit of time to sink in, eh? Still, nice of you to join us!

Erm… for anyone thinking this was a new strategic direction for the UUP, sadly this statement merely turns out to be a long excursus on early years learning. Shame.

PPS. Staff at Bobballs wonder if Obama can match with deeds the quality of his soaring rhetoric. I mean, can the agents of global Change really be led by someone called Barry?

There was only ever one Barry (and we called him ‘The One’ long before you turned up mate). Staff at Bobballs have marked your card President Barry, you’ll have to work pretty hard to turn this one around.




4 responses

21 01 2009
Michael Shilliday


Take a look at http://www.uup.org/ and see what catches your eye on the left…….

21 01 2009
Michael Shilliday

Or the right, whatever you prefer……

21 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

This is the correction I will run when blogger starts cooperating again.

CORRECTION: In this post we may have suggested that the UUP website failed to spot the biggest story in the world yesterday. Phrases such as ‘nothing on the UUP site’ and ‘courageous news judgement’ may have led some to the reach mistaken impression that the UUP balls-ed it up. We now accept that nothing could be further from the truth.

The UUP had in fact placed a statement on their frontpage under a 19.5pt two-line headline entitled ‘President Obama – hope and history’. (Sure there’s no link, and no spokesperson – but ‘The Disembodied Voice’ covers the topic pretty well!)

Apologies UUP/Michael. In a further act of contrition I hereby resign my commission with The Royal Observer Corps.

21 01 2009
Burke's Corner

Ah, Bob – oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

The Disembodied Voice thanks you for your apology.

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