Gerry Adams and the history of Barnet…

21 01 2009

Just going through Sinn Fein’s First Dail site. Pretty impressive effort at first glance – looks good guys!

But Staff at Bobballs came across the video of Gerry & Mary Lou and did a double take. What on Earth has happened to the Adams barnet?

Is that a brand new side-shade? Of course it goes without saying that it sweeps in from the far left and it carries less fringe than it used to, but looks good Ger!

Have Adams’s handler gone through the same contortions as Cameron’s once did? The Cameron barnet has gone through some magnificent permutations in its time.

Cameron: prefers the Left

We know that Gerry is open to sporting new things. So what brought on the change Ger?

Whatever the reasoning, it softens him up a bit and lends the beard an added pinch of approachability. Wait a minute… new haircut… hanging out with Barry… could Adams be going for the presidency?!? (Okay, the 20 TDs thing is a set back – but who can deny that irresistible, jaunty new side-shade?)




2 responses

21 01 2009

Still think he should have got the quiggy, looks so well on all the staff at bobballs….bandwagon anyone?

You guys missed another trick too, must have been too busy double checking ur highlighted tufts to see the holiday snaps sent round newsrooms last night of Gerry in Washington…here’s me in front of white house, here’s me with a senator who had no idea who I am, etc

23 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Well, Staff at Bobballs were happy with their Quiggy till we saw that new Doctor Who. And boy did we get one of those!! The new Doc is also anaemic and Welsh – that’s less cool, so we just went with the ludicrous haircut.

Ah, ShufflingGeisha you underestimated me. I have some very, very, very senior sources working at the very heights of local journalism. All it took was a quick email and those pics dropped into my inbox… as I’m sure you might imagine. See above!!

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